The Hundred Types Of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of skill and experience which is extremely popular amongst land-based and online casino players. It is a very old card game, which has developed over the years and gained popularity across the globe. Naturally, as different cultures adopted it, they added certain distinct changes.

As a result, today there are a considerable number of variants to the game. With the rise in popularity of online casino, these variants started being offered online too. The following are some examples of Blackjack games which players can expect to find at online casinos:

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack is an excellent game for players who have gotten used to the classic game and want a little twist to add fresh excitement. At the start of the round, players make their usual bets. This game normally allows up to three hands for each player. Naturally, for each hand, a player needs to wager a seperate bet.

The aim of the game remains the same. Players must succeed to get a hand that is as close or equal to 21, also known as a Blackjack. Going over this value means the player gets bust. More importantly, they need to get a hand which is higher than that of the dealer.

Whilst the player’s hand or hands are visible, only one of the dealer’s hand is visible. In cases where the dealer has an ace or a 10 visible he or she will offer the player insurance, although many professionals recommend staying away from this. The rest of the game progresses as per the classic version.

Where Buster Blackjack varies is in its side bets. At the start of the game, the player has a chance to place a side bet along with the normal bets. The buster bet is separate from the other bets and the player wins only if the dealer goes bust.

The payout on the Buster bet depends on how many cards the dealer uses to go bust. In the more likely scenario that it takes three or four cards, then the payout is 2-1. With five cards, the payout doubles to 4-1. If the dealer uses eight or more cards the payout is an amazing 250-1. If apart from the dealer going bust, the player also has a Blackjack, the player can get a massive payout of up to 2000-1.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Another variation of the game which is focused on side bets is Perfect Pairs Blackjack. Whilst the main game is played normally, players have the option to place a side bet for every hand they have. For the purpose of this game, only the first two cards that a player receives per hand affect the outcome of this side bet.

Winning the bet is fairly straightforward. The two cards need to be of the same rank, such as kings or aces. The payout is even better if the pair is also of the same color, whilst the maximum payout is awarded if they are perfect pairs.

The exact payout depends on the game provider. This information will usually be available in the information section of the game. As a general average, however, the same rank cards give a payout of 6-1, the same colored pair pays 12-1 and the perfect pair gives out 25-1.

21+3 Blackjack

21+3 Blackjack or, as its more commonly known, 213 Blackjack, is an exciting twist to the game which, apart from a side bet, also introduces additional cards to the game. It is best described as Blackjack mixed with the other classic card game, Poker.

Two wagers are set at the start of the game; one for the normal Blackjack hand and the other for the Poker three card hand. Whilst one of the goals of the player remains the same, that is, using his hand to get as close to or exactly 21, it is the poker hand which really thrills players.

The three cards are made up of the player’s own two cards and the dealer’s only upward facing card. The possible combinations for attractive payouts include getting a flush, a straight, three of a kind, and a straight flush. The best payout, by far, comes with a suited three of a kind.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Lucky Blackjack is very similar to 213 Blackjack in that the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s upward facing card determine the winner of the side bet. What’s different in Lucky Lucky is that the opportunities for the winner to win are much greater.

The low payout combinations involve counting the total value of all three cards. The payouts may vary from one casino to another. If the cards total 19 or 20, then the player gets double his bet. Similarly, if the total is 21, the player gets triple. Should the player be lucky enough to get a total of 21 made up of cards of the same suit, the payout shoots up to 15x the bet.

The bigger value payouts depend on the individual value of the three cards. Getting 6,7,8 or three 7s will give the player 25x and 50x their bet respectively. If the players are really lucky and get these cards in the same suit, then the payouts explode to 100x and 200x the value of the bet.

Lady Lucky Is Smiling

Unlike in the classic version of Blackjack, where a certain degree of skill can improve the odds in the player’s favor, these different types rely almost completely on luck. The player cannot do anything to affect the cards that he and the dealer are dealt first. Lady luck is smiling. The question is, is she smiling at the player or at the dealer? Only one way to find out.