Slotland offers two video poker games, Jacks or Better and Wildhearts. These are, strictly speaking, only loosely considered video poker games, since they’re actually slot machine games designed to look like video poker games.

In other words, the decisions you make when playing Jacks or Better or Wildhearts has no effect on whether or not you win or lose, and they have no effect on your payback percentage. Because they tie into the same progressive jackpot that all other Slotland games power, it’s considered impossible by Slotland’s management to run an actual video poker game.

I do recommend playing at Slotland, because I think their slot games are a lot of fun, and they’re different from any other site on the net, but do not play the video poker game there unless you’re just playing totally for fun and grins. No decisions that you make while playing their video poker games will improve the payback percentage or chances of winning.

Slotland JacksorBetter

The game looks and plays just like the casino video poker favorite, Jacks or Better, except for one thing – it’s another slot machine game, so it has a programmed payback percentage. The RNG is not dealing from an electronic deck. It’s just dealing cards that will give you a particular percentage payback percentage.

Slotland Wildhearts

This game is similar to a deuces wild video poker game or any other kind of video poker game with a wild card with the same exception noted in the JacksorBetter description. Totally random, no skill involved, and the payback percentage is programmed by Slotland and is unaffected by any type of skilled play.

Slotland’s Selling Points

Slotland is a no download casino that is WebTV and Mac compatible. If you’re on a Mac or use MSN TV or Web TV, then Slotland might be a very good option for you, especially if you like slots. I’ve always liked the unusual games there, and I have almost every kind of casino software on my computer to choose from as exists.

So if you’re not offended or bothered by the nature of their video poker games, give Slotland a spin and see what you think.

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