This version of Joker Poker has a 98.6% payback percentage. This is a great game and a perennial favorite among video poker players, in spite of not having one of the highest payback percentages to choose from. A couple of observations about the gameplay for Joker Poker:

• The jackpot is 5000 coins for a natural royal flush, instead of the usual 4000 coins.

• This is not a jacks or better game; this is a kings or better game. Any pair lower than kings does not pay.

• If this were a jacks or better game, it would be 7/5 game, because the full house pays off at 7 to 1.

• Wild games like this one are the only video poker games to have a payout for “five of a king”.

• Strategy charts for joker poker are usually divided into two charts – one chart for when you have at least one joker in your hand, and the other for when you don’t.

If you like this free version of Joker Poker, then please be sure to give the real money version a try at, which is one of the best places to play video poker on the internet.

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