This Jacks or Better “power poker” game is nothing more than a multi-hand Jacks or Better game, where you play 5 hands at one time. You use exactly the same strategy on a multi-hand Jacks or Better game as you do on the regular game, but you need to either play a different denomination or have a larger bankroll in order to make up for the additional wagers – you still bet on each hand.

The downloadable version of the Microgaming casino software offers even bigger versions of this “power poker” – up to 100 hands at one time, in fact. To us, there is probably no more enjoyable way to play Jacks or Better poker than to play the multi-hand version. We’re still waiting to hit our first royal flush on all hands at one time in fact.

This free Jacks or Better multi-hand poker game was made possibly by Guts Casino – please support this site by visiting them and playing for real money, if you’re so inclined.

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