Aces and Faces Power Poker is a multi-hand version of the standard Aces and Faces video poker game from the Microgaming software platform. The game is very similar to the Jacks or Better video poker game, but with a bigger payout for different types of four of a kinds. The four of a kinds are divided into 3 different kinds: four aces have the highest payout, four face cards have the next highest payout, and four tens or lower.

Please notice a couple of differences on this payout chart and the Jacks or Better payout chart:

• 4 of a kind in Jacks or Better pays 25 to 1, but in Aces & Faces it pays off anywhere from 80 to 1 for Aces and 40 to 1 for face cards.

• A flush pays off at 6 to 1 in the Jacks or Better game, but only pays off 5 to 1 in Aces and Faces.

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